P&M Chainer Version 1.1 is Online !

Apr 7, 2015 by eric Permalink
We have been as quick as we possibly could to provide this update that fixes bugs reported by users. Next week we will upload version 1.2 that will add a useful stand alone version as well as a convenient VSTi version that will appear in the "instruments" menu in Logic and other DAWs...

Release Notes

- Added built-in list of PM-plugins proprietary format.
- Added Uninstaller for Mac.
- Fixed LogicPro automation issues on Mac.
- Fixed Chainer issues in Reaper on Windows.
- Fixed Issues related to GUI updates on Windows.
- Fixed square symbols in scanner status text, that appeared on Windows.
- Fixed "Plug and Mix" empty folder in menu and duplicated selection in VST plugins.
- Fixed Chainer crashing on Ableton Live 32bit Yosemite.
- Fixed a crash which sometimes occur on Windows for Reaper x64 when we choose "Empty Preset" from menu.
- Fixed presets format in order to make presets compatible on different platforms.
- Fixed a crash when changing FFT Size.

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