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May 27, 2013 by r2d2 Permalink

Dear Friends, We're listening to you !

During the very successful Group-Buy we ran in April, quite a few of you had great suggestions for the V.I.P. product range and also the overall price for our products once things got back to normal. We've also received tones of emails from customers asking us to extend the Group-Buy promo...

We weighed up all the opinions and so we started working on new products and we decided to lower the V.I.P. Bundle SRP Price (Suggested Retail Price) at $299 with a special MAP price at $249. We also adjusted all individual plug-ins at ONLY $49 (MAP $39).

We Believe this will allow even more users to enjoy our products at a permanently promoted price ;-)

Thank you all for your great support and the amazing feedback !

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