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Sep 13, 2019 by eric Permalink

We have exciting information about Plug & Mix today, so you know what’s going on here in the company. We’ll also answer questions you might have in mind about the P&M product line below.

Today we are proud to announce that the web team at our sister company Plugivery.com have been hard at work these past months and years, developing an amazing new system that allows us to build original websites such as the one you are currently visiting. The site will improve in design as we finalize our media database with more visual content, videos, SoundCloud audio demos, and much more...

We're also actively working behind the scenes, porting all P&M plug-ins to our new framework. This takes a lot of time, but you will surely freak out when you see the results that should see the day from Q1, 2020. We're redesigning all GUIs, ameliorating the effects (while being backward compatible) and more. New products are also on the way !

Porting plug-ins to a new framework is not an easy task and it costs a small fortune. We had to hire experienced developers that are doing their best to port the complete product line that now counts hundreds of plug-ins. The V.I.P. Bundle alone counts 50 plug-ins that all need to be ported individually into the new framework. It is a huge job but we're on it. This will also solve most, not to say all, compatibility issues that have been reported over the years. All upcoming products will be compatible with the new "Catalina" OS system on Mac.

And best of all, we won't charge anyone for the upgrades. We've always supported the product line and we'll continue to do so... So please be patient and we'll do our best to launch these major updates as soon as possible.

To celebrate the official launch of the new P&M website, we've decided to run the "Biggest Promo Ever", exclusively here on the store, through September 30, 2019.

By purchasing any products during our promos, you will greatly contribute in keeping the product line up-to-date. Be sure that all products will be ported asap and that we won't charge you for these major updates !

Enjoy !

The V.I.P. Bundle is on Promo !

Jul 5, 2019 by eric Permalink

In today's market, music production is constantly evolving. Producers, composers, musicians and artists alike need professional sounding plug-ins that are fast, simple and easy-to-use !

The P&M V.I.P. series plug-ins delivers the same professional sound you would come to expect from other major plug-in manufacturers, but they are much easier to use. Designed with an emphasis on quality and simplicity, each plug-in has a clean interface with only the most essential knobs and switches needed to dial a great sound.

Get 50 amazing plug-ins today in a single bundle at just $89 (less then $2 per plugin).

This is an exclusive P&M promotion that will run only through July, 2019

Enjoy !

Chainer Updated to version 1.2.3

Jul 12, 2017 by Ashley Smith Permalink

Plug and Mix have updated "Chainer" VST Wrapper and Virtual Instrument Host plug-in to version 1.2.3.

This small update fixes reported issue with P&M Digital Reverb causing crash on instantiation in Chainer, when hosted in Native Instruments' Maschine.

Plug & Mix adds 5 new plug-ins to the VIP Bundle !

Jan 13, 2017 by Ashley Smith Permalink

Plug & Mix today proudly announce the launch of 5 new plug-ins to their impressive collection that now counts 50 high quality audio Plug-ins. The new plug-in names speak for themselves : Basspeg, Gatevador, S-Tractor, Pitch Me, Vibrator.

The Plug & Mix "V.I.P. Bundle" (that now includes ALL 50 VIP series plug-ins) is a comprehensive toolset, a perfect swiss army knife collection of plug-ins from EQs, Compressors, Amp Sims, to Reverbs, Delays, Bit Crushers and many more. They've got them all. P&M plug-ins are a serious option for high profile engineers and project studio producers that need inspiring effects that sound great, and are easy to use.

In addition, the Plug & Mix 'Chainer' has been upgraded to accommodate use of the five new plug-ins added to the V.I.P. Bundle. The P&M Chainer can be downloaded and used for FREE for those who have authorized P&M VIP series plug-ins.

" If you already have the VIP Bundle, these 5 new plug-ins are absolutely FREE!!! "

Please download the latest installers, here...

VIP Bundle and Chainer

50 High Quality Audio Plug-ins

Plug-in manufacturer, Plug & Mix (P&M for those in the know) today announced the launch of 5 new plug-ins to their very complete audio plug-in catalog bringing the present collection of 45 plug-ins to a total of 50 high quality audio software tools

The 5 new plug-ins :

P&M New 5

BASSPEG - Your new go to Bass Amp, built in parallel to the classic Ampeg SVT. It delivers deep lows and warmth to any Bass signal and is indeed very flexible with its parameters to easily contour and control your tone.

GATEVADOR - Allows you to easily and quickly control excess bleed and noise on your source material, and enhance and expand the good stuff! With minimal controls as per all our P&M plug-in designs, you can gate and expand to your hearts content.

S-TRACTOR - Your new de-esser; with just three parameters for quick and easy control of your vocal T's, P's, S's. Adjust the frequency, threshold and amount values to tame those harsh and nasal tones. Simple!

PITCH ME - A dual pitch shifter plug-in, developed with a nod to the formidable H910 units of old. Independently control left and right pitch values for added width and chorus effect to your vocals and guitars and synths, just like those artists from AC/DC to Zappa.

VIBRATOR - Like the Uni-Vibe, add movement to your mixes and instruments/sounds. Create spacial width effects and shimmer. Tuck the effect under your source with parallel mix control for added flavour to static, monophonic and dull sounds.

Plug & Mix products are designed with the minimum amount of controls to get you working fast, not having to think about the interface, the knobs, bells and whistles… Pull up a preset, turn a few knobs to adjust, listen and your there!

In today's Music Production fast pace is key for professional studios to be competitive. Plug & Mix offers a very complete set of tools that enables one to work quickly while providing a professional sounding result. That is also why they have found their place in Educational facilities, letting students train on "easy to use audio tools".

At Plug & Mix, it's easy. They let their clients OWN the product they paid for and they get lifetime upgrades for FREE, always! Those users who bought the initial offering of 20 plug-ins years ago, now have an additional 30 plug-ins in their bundles!

The Pro Series Plug-ins Updated to 1.0.2 !

Nov 13, 2015 by eric Permalink
Today we are proud to announce the 1.0.2 version of the Pro Series Plug-ins.
Included in this new version are improved ProTools 11 and 12 compatibility and minor bug fixes.

The “Pro Series” collection includes “E-Max” a transparent linear phase equaliser, “OptoMax” a powerful opto compressor and “Tube Exciter” a subtile tube exciter and sub bass enhancer.

Plug and Mix products are distributed by Plugivery.com

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